Fall Conference

Earth Speaks An Ancient Tongue Our Hearts Understand

September 12-15, 2019, Plum City, WI

We gather again this Fall, a gathering of men young and old, to learn how to be better humans and how to be better men. We are not hunting for answers so much as gathering bigger and more mature and alluring questions to nourish us and draw us more deeply into our lives.

How has our culture failed us? What do we need so desperately to learn and to unlearn as men? How can we live, and feel deeply, and live in witness to an Earth full of so much wonder and yet so obviously in peril. In what ways can we show up as whole men by listening to the ancient tongue of the earth, the old myths, the poetry, that speaks in images our hearts understand? How can we live bravely in the face of so much death? What do the old stories teach us about how to live with each other, about failure, about grief, about joy, about respect and reciprocity for each and every life that has sustained us? How do we become ancestors our children will be proud of?

If you are interested in participating in this conversation, and four days of living and breathing these questions in the golden light of aspen leaves amidst the rolling hills of Wisconsin, register to reserve your spot. Details on the Plum City location, information on what to bring, and other info are featured in FAQ. Cost is only $195 for this immersive, camping-only, mythopoetic experience.

Fall Conference


Who We Are

The Minnesota Men’s Conferences are unique gatherings of men dedicated to embodying what it means to live a life of character, depth, and consequence amidst the noise and chaos of our times.

We believe that words matter. We witness how the old stories carry a source of nourishment that can give a man a depth and heft that is as rare now as it is invaluable. We set loose upon the fields of our imaginations wild poetic verses that buck and kick and upset conventional ways most men are taught to see and feel—and not feel.


“Reclaiming the sacred in our lives naturally brings us close once more to the wellsprings of poetry.” 

— Robert Bly


We sit together in wooded coulees, listening to the wild wisdom whispered in the old tales. We walk in the silence of prairie meadows punctuated by buzzing bees and swaying wildflowers. And we dance and sing together around the fire in the chill belly of ice and snow. We laugh together and are untroubled by our tears. At some point we may bow our heads in reverence to the grief or the joy or the wonder that has visited us.

Through gestures small and grand, we make a sacred space in the bone cave of our human heart. And when we are lucky, we return home just a bit more like the men we, our loved ones, our time, and our ancestors so desperately need us to become.